Friday, May 17, 2019

Wolf at the Door—Milagro—SE Portland

           Grimm Tale of Forgotten Lore

    This World Premiere, dark fairy tale is written by MariselaTreviño Orta and directed by Rebecca Martinez.  It is playing at their space, 525 SE Stark St. (just off Grand), through May 25th.  For more information, go to their site at

    Fairy tales of long ago were never written as fun, cute, little kiddie stories.  They were written as a dire warning to frighten children into being good and obeying their elders, or the Boogie Man might get you!  The Grimm Brothers were especially good at that.  But, as years tumbled into the modern era, those stories have become sanitized/diluted and their true purpose lost or hidden.  But, perhaps, in this modern age of violence, it might be wise to revive the “old ways” of storytelling in some cases, so that the Young become aware of the potential dangers “out there” and have their wits about them when encountering such threats…as in this cautionary tale…!

    Once Upon a Time…there lived a beautiful, young maiden, Isadora (Marian Mendez), who was of a wealthy family and happy and lived well, but dreamed of being carried off by a handsome Prince Charming to his castle and living “…happily ever after.”  And so, she was whisked away by a handsome gallant, Séptimo (Matthew Sepeda).  And, as it was expected in those days, having a child (preferably male, to carry on the bloodline), was expected.  Also, with her, came her faithful nanny, Rocío (Patricia Alvitez).  But the harps and flowers must stay their course at this point.

    Her husband was a brute and abused her terribly and, when she did have her son, it came to an unpleasant end for all.  But an odd salvation of sorts was on the way, in the guise of another pretty, young maiden with child, Yolot (Maya Malán González) appears on the scene.  Though, as Fate would have it, there were also wolves in the area, scouring hungrily for their next meal.  But, as it turns out, these beasts are not the monsters of the story but…opps, almost gave away the ending.  Guess you’ll just have to see it to appreciate the conclusion. 
   And, like all good fairy tales, this does have a moral of sorts and the ending is slightly askew from the traditional one…and they lived hopefully ever after!

    This is not a play for everyone, as it concerns adult material and, although tastefully done, has scenes of child birth and abuse.  All four of the actors are wonderful and well-cast in their roles, being completely vested in them.  There is a high intensity throughout and the director knows just how to sustain it through well-modulated performances, striking music and a masterful set (Emily Wilken, designer)!

    I recommend this production.  If you do go, please tell them Dennis sent you.

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