Friday, July 24, 2020

The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus—OCT--virtual performance

        “…As Dreamers Do”

    This virtual production is written by Eric Coble and directed by Marci Crowson (OCT’s Artistic Director).  It is a one-woman show, performed and designed by Maya Caulfield (former student at OCT, now at Stanford).  There was only one performance shown but, if you go to their website, , you might see if they have a link to it and info on future performances of plays.

Blessed are the dreamers…idealists…storytellers, for they should inherit the earth.  But, truth be known, it is the anarchists, realists and warriors that rule.  The Ole Guard seems unmovable.  But Time is the Salvation for those who still believe there is magic in the world and worth in earth’s abundant, natural wonders.  The Young are watching, witnessing the fallacies of the old ways, and, I’m sure, will see to it that things change dramatically for the Future.

    This play, and its storyteller, are an example of that change.  The story follows a few youths that are faced with the reality of what the earth has become because of such atrocities committed against it, as told by the animals that inhabit the land, that once was a “Paradise.”  And, even more importantly, it is told brilliantly by a storyteller that is vested in the dream, Caulfield.
    Sitting at a table, with only a few unrelated props, she creates th
e world for us of the Youth and its original creatures.  She is so enthusiastic, animated and natural, that she gets one totally caught up in her story…I can’t imagine anyone else telling it.  She was a talent in the making ten years ago when I cast her in a film, Nightbumpers, through her last performance at Young Professionals (produced by Educational Director, Dani Baldwin) in an outstanding performance in Orphans, and now this.  “May she live long and prosper.”

    This production is also the best example of a virtual performance that I have seen, as it keeps it simple, forces one to use their imagination, presents a moral dilemma and is expertly performed, written and directed.  Although there is nothing like “Live” theatre, this is the best substitute so far that I’ve encountered.  I look forward to their next presentation, and also, Caulfied’s.  I highly recommend this show.