Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lost in Translation: Communications to Our Future Selves

“And a Child Shall Lead Them”

    A lot has, and will be said, on the state of affairs in this day and age.  But a Voice that may have been lost, or muted, is that of the Young.  “We are such stuff as dreams are made on…” and these far-reaching images can carry us into the Future, but “attention must be paid,” and that is where our Youth’s Voices come in!

    A young girl from the Scandinavian countries has voiced loudly her concerns for environmental changes; another young girl from Africa faced violence for standing up for women’s rights and education; a pre-school, African-American girl in the U.S., fearing for her life at encountering marching troops passing by, queried a policeman if they were here to kill them (the policeman wisely diffused the situation by assuring her they weren’t); and there are many more like them, oppressed and ignored, who have broadcast loudly the need for change.
But these observations, and many other situations like them, show the depth of concern (and rightfully so) of Young People, as to the Future they will inherit from us.  And not such a rosy one, either, as continuing strife, intolerance and ignorance indicates.  And so, we are faced with the dilemma, how do we improve the future for all living beings?!

    Open your eyes, ears and hearts to the Possibilities and educate a Public as to these, and proclaim loudly, “Not On My Watch!”  An avenue for this is the Arts, which builds character, and that just may be the secret ingredient to quell the rising storm.  This is my field of expertise.  I have seen/experienced/taught young people over the years in the Performing Arts. 

    In the Arts, young people are in a safe environment to explore different cultures, viewpoints, time periods, customs, and their own feelings about matters, past and present, etc., through plays and exercises, so that their own, evolving views are broadened to be all-inclusive of the people/characters that inhabit these realms.  And so, during this exploration, they cannot help but be influenced, and applaud these changes that are evolving within them, so that they will bring forward into an ever-changing landscape…a “brave, new world,” in which we may live…hopefully…ever after!

    We have many fine theatre-schools in the Portland area, including Northwest Children’s Theatre (NWCT), Eastside Theatre Company, Portland Musical Theater Company, Staged! and, especially, Oregon Children’s Theatre (OCT) and Dani Baldwin’s, Young Professionals (Y/P).  I have witnessed lives changed for the better because of these young folks’ involvements with the Arts.  I encourage you to investigate in these possibilities…as the Future is in their hands!

    And so then, it may be truly said, if an incident involving intolerance or hatred raises its ugly head, either on a small scale, or universally one, they will stand firm for Right over Might and Justice for All, because of their exposure to a wider range of philosophies.  And let us not forget, a young girl, who wanted to become a writer, scribing in her diary before she died in a concentration camp, that, despite all the horrors she had witnessed, said, “I still believe people are basically good.”  Are they?  We can only Hope she was right.  Time will tell…!

    Invest in our Future…our Youth…as our very lives just may depend on it!