Monday, May 6, 2019

For Good…--Portland Musical Theater Company—N. Portland

                        “Thanks for the Memories”

…The Songs that Changed Me for the Better, by various artists, created and starring Deanna Maio.  There space is at the Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge (upstairs), 4834 N. Lombard St.  Their final performance next weekend has been cancelled but there are possibilities of reviving it at some point in the future.  For more information, go to their site at

    Most everyone, at some point in their lives, will traverse down memory lane, recalling events and people that shaped their lives.  In my case, it was Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone, which influenced me as a writer.  But in many cases, tucked snuggly in one’s memory banks, will be the songs and music of that bygone era.  And so, this presentation is by one, very talented, artist’s take on just that and how it influenced her life…for the better.  And, if you’re not careful, it just might revive such memories for you, too!

    Maio’s range is extraordinary!  Singing in Italian, Spanish…even opera, at one point…jazz, ballads, swing…humorous, lively and sad.  There is even a game in with the audience, as she does TV themes, challenging them to name the show. 

    My own personal favorite songs of hers were “Somewhere” from my favorite musical, too, West Side Story, “What I did for Love” from A Chorus Line and “Don’t Rain on my Parade” from Funny Girl.  And I enjoyed her humor in such songs as The Girl in 14G, Bacon, Adelaide’s Lament and Taylor the Latte Boy.  A powerhouse, from belting to soft and romantic!

    She is also backed up by some very talented gentlemen, Steve Morgan on Bass and K.J McElrath on keyboard!  I hope she revies this show, as it not only waxes nostalgic for her but does so for the audience, too.  Music is a universal language and maybe that will be the common denominator to unite us all!

    I highly recommend any show this company produces.  Look for Maio to transform into Rosemary Clooney in a musical bio, Tenderly, on aspects of her life, on November 4th.  

    Burn that date into your memory banks and don’t miss it!  And, if you do see her productions, please tell them Dennis sent you.

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