Sunday, October 6, 2013

Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves Live From Outer Space—at Post Theatre—NE Portland

A Foxy Invasion

This is a reprise of the show that was originally presented at the Funhouse Lounge several months ago.  It is written and directed by Steve Coker of Stageworks Ink. and presented at the Post5 Theatre space at 900 NE 81st Ave.  It plays through October 12th.  For more information go to

This is a wonderful homage to the classic B, B&W, Sci-Fi/Horror films from the 40’s and 50’s.  Personally I am a fan of this gene.  And it includes all the elements of this era, sadly, for the most part, gone.  It has teenagers in peril (as in The Faculty) and a mysterious meteor from space (like in The Blob).  And a new girl in town, Staci (Tasha Danner) and her father, the Deputy Sheriff (Greg Skelton)).

Of course, being the new kid in town, means being harassed/bullied by her peers which are, as you might suspect, cheerleaders (Corinn DeWaard, Shannel Williams & Megan McCarthy), led by Courtney (Jamie Langton).  She also, being green, doesn’t realize that the stud who hooks up with her, Troy (Sean Lamb), is spoken for by Courtney.  Of course, Troy has an admirer (Wynee Hu) but he doesn’t know she’s even alive.

In short order, they come across a crashed object in a farmer’s field (War of the Worlds) and it is filled with…ah, cute puppies, so cute they just want to eat them up.  At the last minute Staci is rescued by the bad boy in town, Dean (Illya Torres).  Needless to say these foxy felines cause much havoc with the town-folks.

But, have no fear, the Crimson Tide (possibly, Flash Gordon) is near and comes to the rescue.  They are good aliens sworn to protect Earth and humankind.  A battle ensues and good triumphs over evil…sort of.  And Hu gets her man…literally.

This is a wonderfully fun production and masterly written and directed by Coker.  He certainly knows the genres that this story is emulating and is also able to direct his cast in the double-takes and tongue-in-cheek style of delivery that it demands.  May he live long and prosper (Star Trek). 

Applause to all the cast.  And the cheerleaders were foxy in appearance and wolfishly sensual in dance.  Courtney, especially, was appealing.  She can nibble on my ear, anytime.  And Cheshire, the cat, is a true find and may go on to beat Morris as the most famous feline in history.

Danner was very appealing and fit the heroine role to a tee.  And Torres was equally convincing in his anti-hero guise.  This is definitely a two drink show.  Coker has also done a great show that depicts the film noir, detective genre, too, and made it into a musical, Dex, the Paranormal Detective.  If you see him at the show, twist his arm to revive this great play of his.  See my reviews of the original and Dex… on this blog.

I do recommend this show but it is definitely adult in nature.  And if you go to his website, you might find a way to get two dollars off on a ticket.  If you do see it, please tell them Dennis sent you.

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