Saturday, October 12, 2013

Arsenic and Old Lace—Love Street Playhouse—Woodland, WA

The Murderous Maids of Brooklyn

This classic comedy was written by Joseph Kesselring and is directed by Melinda Leuthold (Love St.’s Artistic Director).  It will be playing at their space, 126 Love St. in Woodland, through October 27th.  For more information go to

This is one of the best spoofs of the mystery genre.  It was originally presented on Broadway with Boris Karloff in one of the key roles.  Later it was transferred to the screen with Cary Grant mugging horribly in the leading role and Raymond Massey playing the Karloff role.  A television version restored Karloff to his original role, with Bob Crane (Hogan’s Heroes) playing the hero.  It is a popular play to do in community theatres and was presented here, in all its glory, to a full house.

The story concerns Mortimer Brewster (David Roberts), a New York theatre critic, who frequently visits his maiden aunts, Abby (Melissa Haviv) and Martha (Lexy Dillon), in his childhood home in Brooklyn, which is set next to a graveyard.  He is engaged to the girl-next-door, Elaine (Melissa Schurman). 


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