Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reasons to be pretty—Clark College, Decker Theatre—Vancouver, WA

Breakdown in Communication

This comedy-drama is written by Neil LaBute and directed by Pat Rohrbach.  It is playing through May 18th at Clark, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way.  Check out their website for further information or call 360-992-2370.

The writing in this play in very similar to David Mamet’s, especially his one-act play, Sexual Perversities in Chicago (film—About Last Night w/ Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi).  It purports to examine the way people really converse, with overlapping dialogue and actions, unfinished sentences, unclear motives and awkward pauses.  This play covers that same territory.

The story is about two couples, who are connecting, disconnecting, then re-connecting again, differently.  It is not a pleasant story but, perhaps, a realistic one.  It’s about friendships, abuse, love, deceit, bonding and communication (or the lack thereof).  Greg (Zac Palica) and Kent (Derek Neiman) have been friends since childhood and are currently working in the same factory.  Greg has had a live-in girlfriend, Steph (Amanda Oberrecht), for four years, who is also friends with Kent’s wife, Carly (Jessica Wisniewski)

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