Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cloud Nine—Rose Center for the Arts—Longview, WA

Identity Crisis

This comedy-drama is written by Caryl Churchill and directed by Donald A. Correll is playing at Lower Columbia College at their Center Stage location through June 7th.

This play is labeled as “a hilarious look at sex and gender.”  I found it neither funny, nor a serious, nor comedic look, at sexual identity (especially Act I).  There is no story as such in the first Act.  It takes place in the 1880’s of South Africa when the British ruled it.  It is a scenario (and possibly comment) on the repressed society during the Victorian Age in Act I.

It is, then, a story of relationships.  Now let’s see if I can keep this straight.  In the first Act, Clive (Nathan Clark) and Betty (a male, played by Robert Loren) are married…but Clive is having an affair with Mrs. Saunders (Wendy Howard-Benhem), a widowed neighbor…meanwhile Uncle Harry (Timothy R. Laughlin), who has been out in the wild too long, is having secret dalliances with Clive’s young son, Edward (a female, played by Shae Coleman), as well as Betty, Clive’s wife, but eventually marries the governess, Ellen (Susan Foytack), who also has a thing for Betty…and Betty’s mother, Maud (Diane Krane) doesn’t seem to like anyone…and a black tribesman (played by a white male, Dante Huffines), a servant, seems to have the hots for everyone.  There, I think I’ve covered everyone.  Confused?, join the crowd. 

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