Monday, March 13, 2023

The Seafarer—Imago Theatre—SE Portland


“The Devil is in the Details”

    This LIVE, dark comedy production, is written by Conor McPherson, directed by Jerry Mouawad  and produced by Carol Triffle.  It plays through March 26that Imago’s space, 17 SE 8th Ave. (off E. Burnside).  Parking can be an issue, so come early.  (Covid protocols in place…with masks required).  Recommended for 16 and up.  For more information, contact them at or call 503-231-9581.

    This Master Manipulator, King of Liars, Lord of the Flies has been around since the beginning of time.  He’s invaded our world, in one form or another, in many incarnations,through all of civilization, especially for our consideration in literature, plays and films.  He appeared in the early Silents and has been portrayed by many fine actors, among them Walter Huston (The Devil & Daniel Webster), Vincent Price (The Story of Mankind), Jeff Goldblum (Mr. Frost), et. al.; on TV by Burgess Meredith and Thomas Gomez, et. al.; and even by super stars, Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson.  So, to say the least, this sly, shape-shifter is embedded, quite firmly, in our very psyche.

    (A personal note, upstaged by the Grand Architect himself, God, based on a Mexican tale:  The Devil (or Evil) is the proof that God (or Good) exists, because there would be no need for one, unless its counterpart was in attendance, too!).

When the Devil comes a-callin’

And the East wind be blowin’,

No prayin’ on yer knees now.

Jest go with the flow

And see how it goes.

Miracles abound

To those True of Heart,

For it’s never too late

For a purposeful, new start!

    The play is about four ole seafarers (commercials fishermen) who love to gab and gossip; nag and nitpick; booze and bamboozle; and raise holy hell in the neighborhood and in each other’s lives. Richard (Tory Mitchell) is the blind owner of the house where the action takes place.  He is a cantankerous ole sot, who runs his brother, Sharky (Jeff Giberson), ragged with demands.  They have a great friend in Ivan (Sean D Lujan), who is an occasional guest, usually sleeping off a hangover, but an accommodating fellow, nevertheless.

    It is Christmas Eve in this seaside town and it is a tradition to play a hot game of poker on this usually holy night.  Nicky (Chris Brantley),, the youngest of the brood, a natty dresser and loud in demeaner, too, is the fourth member of this motley crew.  But everybody know you need at least five for a decent poker game.  So he has brought along a relative stranger, Lockhart (Danny Bruno), who he met in a bar, to join them.  A sly ole gent this, as he seems to have a hidden agenda.  He is looking for a lost soul…the one that got away…and he means to have his revenge before the night is over for, you see, he is the King of Hades, himself, and hates to be slighted in such a way. And so, there will be hell to pay, before the light of the new dawn!

    Obviously, I can’t tell you more or it would ruin this folk tale.  But, to say the least, this deliberately, slow-moving, runaway train, weaves its way along the dusty tracks, bouncing off both kith and kin alike, detouring into dark recesses and endless valleys, to come to a screeching halt when it reaches the its destination, only to find out, there is one more gasp left in this old engine after all.

    Mouawad is a genius at manipulation, himself, as he allows the characters and story to develop seemingly haphazardly, and letting the tension build to a boiling point, then releasing the “kill shot” with a last little twist to bring a tear to one’s eye.  And he has able support from his scenic designer, Alex Meyer, as well as lighting, Jon Farley and sound, Myrrh Larsen, et. al.  A splendid team of artists!

    And the cast is a true ensemble, working off and with each other with precision. Giberson plays Sharky as a good-hearted but ailing soul, who broods his way gently into your hearts (I’ve reviewed Giberson before and he is always an asset to a production).  Mitchell carries off the blindness with ease and he is one of those loveable, old curmudgeons, who you sneakily like.  Lujan is the needed cement to the relationships and does his best to keep the peace, while having his own problems at home.  Brantley is one of those folks who everyone knows in their lives, who is tolerated but not well-liked and he pulls it off smoothly.  And Bruno has the unenviable task of playing Old Scratch in the flesh and he does it with oily abandon.  A marvelous crew!

    I highly recommend this show.  If you do choose to see it, please tell them Dennis sent you.



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