Sunday, June 12, 2022

Bad World—Crave theatre—SE Portland


Tangerine Dreams…Icicle Kisses

    This original, Live musical is written by Kylie Jenifer Rose,James Liptak, Jennifer Provenza, Rachael Singer, Michael Cavazos, Ashley Mellinger, Maya Maria Brown, and Zeloszelos Marchandt.  Music by James Liptak and Kylie Jenifer Rose and lyrics by Rose and Jennifer Provenza.  It is directed by Rachael Singer and Jennifer Lanier.  It is playing at the Shaking-the-Tree space, 823 SE Grant St. through July 3rd.  Full covid protocols in place…vaccine cards, masks, etc.  For more information, go to their site at or call 360-931-5664.

    Once upon a time there was a little girl named Rose who grew up in a fun and loving family (good world).  As she got older, she dreamed of distant lands and all the magical things that could happen there (good world).  Finally, she decided on  a career in the arts and to travel to Gay Paree (good world).  But Rose (Kylie Jenifer Rose) was now a young adult, and out on her own, and the dreams she had would soon be dramatically altered by some ruthless beasts who would shatter those dreams (Bad World)!

    This mostly sung play is a map of the journey, cathartic for her and educational for others.  As she traverses her own path down memory lane, she is joined by other selves; other victims of sexual abuse; and even the strangers themselves, played in a mostly jazz, concert style, in dance and song, as a reflection of her inner artist.

    These three remarkable people that share the stage with Rose, filling in the blanks of her tale/memory are Zeloszelos Marchandt as Langston, Gayle Hammersley as Zaria and Kayla Leacock as Linnea…and they are terrific!  Being victims themselves, they are all a part of Rose’s, Symphony of Life, and she a part of theirs.  They struggle valiantly; they harmonize beautifully; and they relate a too, oft-told tale of abuse by an ignorant, brutish gender that feel they are the superior race and demand submission by all others… “a tale told by an idiot!”

    The is a play you simply must see to appreciate and it is a safe space to explore this very destructive trend in our society.  Rose is a very brave lady and an absolutely amazing singer and actor! And hopefully this show is Broadway-bound, as it is topical in content, and professionally done in style.  Liptak’s music is magical, as it always connects seamlessly with the lyrics.  Not only that, but the lighting (Griffin DeWitt) and set (Yelena Babinskaya) throb in unison with the music and plot.  A union, I would say, conceived in a…Good World!

    I highly recommend this musical.  If you do choose to see it, please tell them Dennis sent you.



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