Saturday, June 29, 2019

Tonight Nothing—CoHo Productions—NW Portland

        Finding “Little Boy Blue”

    Tonight Nothing—CoHo Productions—NW Portland
This is a preview of a musical play, written by Merideth Kaye Clark and featuring she and co-creator, Katherine Murphy Lewis and directed by Courtney Freed and co-produced by CoHo Productions.  It is playing one weekend only at the CoHo Space, 2257 NW Raleigh St., July 26-28.  For more information, go to their site at

    We have all lost something…something important…when we took that giant leap from Childhood to Adulthood.  Innocence is the biggie, of course, but other things, too, are locked away in that secret space of our brain…those “windmills of our minds,” that keep the precious memories/hopes/dreams of what makes us uniquely who we are.

    Along Life’s journey we make decisions and friends that will influence us the rest of our lives in the search for self.  The endgame is a legacy of what we want our slate to convey to our dear ones and the world at large.  But, in order to forge forward, we may have to backtrack to that attic, that secret space of so long ago, to re-discover self.  What has become of “Little Boy Blue” since he was confined to the cobwebs of our playful years?  Trust me, it is within one’s reach….

    As to Clark, I have witnessed her fine performances and voice on a number of occasions and so this will be a real treat for anyone lucky enough to see her and Murphy in action.  But, with only 3 performances, best get your tickets Now!  As to the story, read on from her words:

    "Tonight Nothing is new work created and performed by Merideth Kaye Clark and Katherine Murphy Lewis that follows the paths of two long-term friends, Kaye and Em, who must find their way back to themselves and each other. From garage sales to magical encounters in an attic this journey asks us to unpack the many ’things' that make up a legacy. What we leave, or don’t leave behind? and How on earth do we let go?"


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