Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cozy Christmas in Concert

     As a Christmas memory, I remember my Grams, when I was a kid, baking home made biscuits in an old, wrought-iron, wood-burning stove.  And in a black iron skillet on top of it, she was making white, sausage gravy to smother those little, white clouds for our breakfast.  Outside was the sounds of my sibs sledding down an impossibly long hill, as snowflakes canvassed the yard.  Soon I would be joining them outside but for now the aroma of baking goods and my dog, Bandit, asleep in my lap, would hold me captive for a time.  Later, there would be stories from these ancient folks, most of them true, of other forgotten eras.  Then gramps would turn on the Victrola and the crooning sounds of Bing Crosby trilling, “White Christmas,” would lull me into a magical slumber where anything was possible….
     I’m sure we all have memories of holiday gatherings, and sounds and smells of them seem to rule the roost when it comes to creating those long-ago, buried treasure of a seemingly calmer time.  “Those were the days, my friends, we thought they’d never end….”  But they did and now there is a chance to recreate those times vicariously through the following endeavor from Merideth, Leif, Mont Chris and Brandon, some very cool folks who will warm your hearts…as a concert piece of their show is in the works.  Here is their story and a link as to how you can help:

     “On a cold night by the fire or an icy drive to visit friends or family what music will you listen to this winter?  Winter Song is a collection of songs and stories about the coldest and darkest season that will warm your heart and spark conversation. We need your help to make the album!
With a lush piano and guitar score, songs will include hits by Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Paul Simon and will be interspersed with stories and memories of winter. The concert album is inspired by the live performance originated in the Ellyn Bye Studio at the Armory and will feature acclaimed pianist Mont Chris Hubbard, Merideth Kaye Clark and Leif Norby on acoustic guitars and vocals.
     Pre order Winter Song or back the project via Kickstarter at other levels that include tickets to the show at The Armory, VIP backstage tours and much more!
Support the creation now of Winter Song as a holiday gift to yourself, friends and family. Your future self will thank you.”

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