Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Paranormal Christmas Story

A Paranormal Christmas Story

Santa Claus has no place in an original radio drama for Christmas, written by Vancouver playwright and theater reviewer Dennis Sparks. Instead, Sparks tells the tale of a boy in war time Germany who summons a mythological spirit to save the day - Christmas day 1944.

The unusual tale – complete with music and sound effects - is prerecorded and will premiere locally on December 20 on FM News 101 KXL. It will be carried nationally on Christmas eve and Christmas day by Premiere Radio Networks,Inc. (check online, for airtimes.)

"We wanted to try something different this season - very different," said Sparks. His story is titled “A Krampus Christmas.”

Talk show host Clyde Lewis commissioned Sparks to create the drama for broadcast on Ground Zero, a program heard nightly on KXL. Lewis called the story Sparks has written "brilliant," largely because of a twist ending when the narrative swerves towards the paranormal.

Vancouver actor Joeseph LeBard voices two character ages in the story - a boy in Germany – and the same person as an old man looking back at his extraordinary past. Another Vancouver actor, Debra Hudkins plays the boy's mother Marta, who shelters a wounded American soldier. Hudkins' husband, David, performs a haunting rendition of a spirit called Krampus.

The Oregon Childrens Theatre offered two of its young performers who have voice parts in “A Krampus Christmas,” Thom Hilton. and Haley Ward. Each of these aspiring actors has had extensive training and on-stage experience with OCT.

"KXL has been very generous in allowing us to use their airwaves" said Sparks. "Now we need an angel to help pay our actors a modest amount for their time and talent," he said. Sparks is hoping to raise funds to be spread among eight voice actors, as well as for paying for CD duplication and printing scripts.

By becoming a sponsor of “A Krampus Christmas,” your name will be announced during the broadcast as a benefactor of the play. For donor information contact show producer Dave Paull:

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