Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One For The Ages - Ernest Borgnine - One of the last interviews

"No doubt that Mr. Borgnine was one of the greats, a legend in his own time but, as he suggests in this interview, what does that really mean.  In his case it means that he was a consummate actor, who not only had talent and worked a lot, but really loved his art.  He was not just a personality, in which a role was fitted to him, like some of the bigger named stars.

He was what would be considered a "character actor" and embodied the role within that.  In this interview he does not put on airs and seems to be a genuinely happy and fulfilled gentleman who loved life.  In this modern age of pretty-boy and girl emphasis, as opposed to talent, he ranks high above all that.  When his star was snuffed out, part of the Golden Age of films died with him!"

Ernest Borgnine - One Of The Last Interviews

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