Thursday, January 9, 2014

Searching for Sasquach

This short film is what can be considered a mockumentary, a documentary that is done with tongue firmly in cheek, It is appropriate for this kind of story because the validity of such a creature is still in question.  And, thus, it can be looked at with a certain amount of skepticism, since there is no real proof the animal ever existed and, if it does, is it the “missing link” between man and an ape-like creature.

As mentioned in the film, he has been seen in many parts of this country, as well as the world, for many years and under many names.  It is amazing that, except for a few vague footprints, a questionable few seconds on film, some blurry photos, dubious reports of noises and encounters, there is no solid evidence of such a behemoth.  Do these tales belong to folklore, such as vampires and werewolves, or to the sciences?  This film attempts to scratch the surface of that boundary.

The trip to the Ape Caves is perhaps the spookiest part of the adventure, well filmed by Carl Winston.  There is definitely something primeval and unsettling about this area.  The narrative part, hosted by Eric Sloane, although well presented by a professional interviewer, is diluted because of no real compelling interviewees.  Although they seem like well-meaning residents around this area of Cougar, WA, they simply said nothing of value that would help the search.

The most meaningful part to me was when the one woman suggested that, even if such a creature were discovered, the so-called civilized world would destroy it.  The poor thing would probably be hounded to death by reporters or carved up by scientists to see what made it tick.  I agree.  The one possible resource refused to talk on camera, although he seemed to have some compelling stories to tell.  And Sloane, in true mockumentary style, blew his cool and ended the film.

It’s a professional film treatment of an interesting subject and well-edited, with music and sound effects by Dave Hudkins.  It would be compelling to see this same group take a trip and spend a night or two in the elements themselves to see what they might discover first-hand.  Who knows, maybe on some misty evening, a rank smell might invade their camp.  And, if such a meeting did occur, would they expose such elusive beings to the hungry media.  Would you?  We may never know…

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