Saturday, February 23, 2013

RENT—Clark College, Decker Theatre—Vancouver, WA.

A Play For All Seasons

This award-winning musical is written by Jonathan Larson and directed by H. Gene Biby.  Musical direction is by Jonathan Quesenberry and Choreography by Lisamarie Harrison.  The college is located at 1933 Fort Vancouver Way.  For further information, contact them at  The play runs through March 9th.

This highly touted, and often produced Rock Opera, covers a year in the life of eight very individualist characters, representing many aspects of New York society.  But this world is not located in the condos or penthouses of the rich, but focuses on the underbelly of the City in East Village.  Humans, out-of-work and out-of-luck, but with a fierce will to survive, even in the most inhumane of situations, the slums.  It is the world of drugs and aids, of struggle and loss, of love and, yes, even of hope.


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