Friday, June 10, 2022

Mr. Madam—Triangle Productions—NE Portland


“An Awfully Big Adventure”

    This Live dark comedy is written by Donnie, directed by Donald Horn and is based on the writings of Kenneth/Kate Marlowe, featuring Wade McCollum.  It is playing at their space at 1785 NE Sandy Blvd. (free parking lot next to the building) through June 25th.  Be advised that full Covid protocols are in place…vaccine cards, masks, etc. (also restricted to those 18 and older only, please).  For more information, go to their site at or call 503-239-5919.

    From the mouths of Peter Pan (who is often played by a girl, by the way) and the Lost Boys, to the orphans in Annie, who must live “a hard-knock life,” childhood can be a scary thing.  But in those formative years, our personalities are emerging and will lead to who we are as adults.  And it is also the ages in which we discover our self-identities.  I think it’s agreed by most experts that we all have a masculine and feminine side, regardless of our physical gender.

    Mine is my Muse, who developed all my creative writings and reviews, and I trust her implicitly.  The subject of this play, Kenneth/Kate Marlowe (Wade McCollum), also has a Muse who fosters his/her writings, as this play is base on that life, much of it in print.

    Marlowe has a less than glamorous beginning, as spewed out by an alcoholic mother (who wanted a girl) and a father “who was in love with long-distance.”  But he was very sexually active from a very early age with other boys.  As he grew, he found his life-calling (more or less) in being a hair-dresser.  He also liked dressing up in women’s clothing and make-up, and ended up becoming a drag queen.  Even worked in a club ran by the mob. He also ran a call center, who got him a lot of prospects and even found, for a while, a sugar daddy.  And his little stint in the army gave him a hard-hitting dose of reality for those such as he.  Eventually, finding the courage in the 70’s to become—Kate!

    I have skimmed over his story because it pales in comparison to McCollum’s performance in relating it, and to Donnie’s amazingly, poignant script of his journey.  This is something you have to experience for yourselves and I guarantee you will be profoundly moved, as was I!  You will also see yourselves (and others) in the character of Marlowe, as he is first and foremost, I believe, very human and that is what softly explodes in your hearts and minds as you listen to his/her story.

    McCollum is a consummate artist, being able to paint a vibrant personality, exploring every nook and cranny of one’s being, and stitching together its threads to create a rich tapestry…a cornucopia of adventures, that exemplifies who we are! And he plays to perfection all those side characters he meets, as well!  Out of the hundreds of plays I have reviewed, I can count on one hand those that could equal McCollum’s performance here!  “May you live long and prosper!”

    And Horn’s script should be Broadway-bound (but only with McCollum as its star and Horn as its director)!  Donnie has managed to present a riveting story of what makes us who we are.  I think this is Horn’s best work and, further, I think you should not miss seeing it!  Bless you, Horn, you have a treasure here and it should be shared by the world!

    I highly recommend this play.  If you do see it, please tell them Dennis sent you.


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