Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SPARKLE Recognition 2013

As I See It . . . Over the past year, I have reviewed about 85 plays in Portland, Ashland and SW Washington.  They have occurred at colleges; at Equity and non-Equity theatres; in small, black box sites and large, cavernous spaces; musicals and non-musicals; classical, original and modern pieces; one-person exchanges to big cast productions; “children’s” shows to all-adult events…and all in the name of a Performing Art called, Theatre.

Being only one person, I have been unable to see all the shows and all the theatres that exist in these areas.  I’m extremely grateful for all those theatres who have given me Press Passes to see their shows.  You are very kind and I appreciate it! 

So, in return, I have invented a SPARKLE Recognition acknowledgement for the shows I’ve have seen from the inception of my theatre review blog (June, 2012) through August, 2013.  These are Productions that have impressed me and, I believe, deserve a Special Recognition for their contributions.  And, if you read my reviews, there are a lot of very admirable shows out there and, in reality, everyone should be applauded for their efforts.

One notable exception, unlike other award ceremonies, I have not picked a winner in a category.  I believe, as did Brando and Scott, who refused their Academy Awards because they believed that it’s like comparing apples and oranges when choosing who is best.  How do you decide who is the best in one production over someone else in a totally different role and production.  It just doesn’t gel to me, as well.  Nor do I have any set number of Recognitions.

So I have picked those that stood out as significant to me, meaning they have moved or impressed me, above and beyond a normal good performance.  And so, these Recognitions were invented.  The only lines I drew were between Musical and Non-musical productions, because the skill sets/dynamics are different, and between larger cast productions over one/two person shows, for similar reasons.  And I did not distinguish between Equity vs. Non-equity, teens/children vs. adult performers, large theatre companies vs. small, and original vs. adapted productions.  A good performance/production is a good performance/production, regardless of pedigree.

I have also chosen not to include the plays I reviewed as a Guest Reviewer for Greg and his blog that covers SW Washington at
www.swwastar.blogspot.com.  Since that is his territory, I will leave it up to him as to determine how he presents his blog.

Also, because of the cost factor, there is no actual award or ceremony.  But if anyone would like to sponsor that for next Season (9/13-8/14), I would be happy to partake.

Visit me anytime at

Enjoy, and Congratulations to all Artists everywhere.  May our light burn bright…forever!  

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