Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fuddy Meers—Serendipity Players—downtown Vancouver

The Funhouse of Life

The dark comedy is written by David Lindsay-Abaire and directed by Tony Broom and Joni Moore.  It plays through June 8th at the theatre’s location at 500 Washington St.  For further information, check out their website at

Depending on the individual, Life can be seen from many different angles or perspectives.  It’s like, in this case, looking through a prism or kaleidoscope, where everything appears distorted or jumbled.  And dysfunctional families can appear to be pretty normal, considering the basis for comparison.  In other words, if normal is crazy, in this world, then what is crazy.  An interesting premise and the core of this story.

As we look through these distorted, funny mirrors (“fuddy meers”) of a funhouse we meet Claire (Alicia Marie Turvin), a patient in her own home, with a type of amnesia that allows you the skills of how to function but, by the next day, your memories of who you are, will have disappeared.  Her husband, Richard (Tory Mitchell), attempts to help her by creating a memory album or log of her past, conveniently eliminating certain aspects of it for her own good.

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