Sunday, February 17, 2013

In White America—Serendipity Playhouse—downtown Vancouver

Attention Must Be Paid

This production is written by Martin B. Duberman and directed by Bridgett Fahnbullah.  The theatre is located at 500 Washington St.  This show plays through this month.  For further information, contact them at or call 360-834-3588.

This play is proudly presented as part of the celebration of African-American History Month.  It is a Documentary play and all the words spoken are from actual transcripts from the people involved.  It covers from pre-Civil War up to the mid-50’s in a story that lasts a little more than an hour.  At the end of this presentation, local Black presenters share their stories of growing up in White America.

The play, although powerful, barley scratches the surface of the approximately 100 years that it covers.  But the marks that are made are deep, and demand from the viewer/listener, more investigation to get the complete story.  Many familiar names appear including Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Jefferson, Nat Turner, John Brown, Booker T. Washington, E. B. Dubois, and President Wilson, to name a few.  But there are so many unnamed and unheralded, too, that laid the foundation for Freedom.


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